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Borough: Enfield
Broomfield Park
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Broomfield Park  
Broomfield Lodge is said to have been built as a hunting lodge for James I in the 16th century but it has been changed many times over the years.. In Elizabethan times it belonged to Sir John Spencer.

By 1624 there are records of a big house 'with 14 hearths' belonging to a City merchant, Joseph Jackson. Jackson improved and enlarged both house and estate in the early 18th century probably including the formal gardens to the west. The formal garden, ponds and house are enclosed by red brick walls which date from the 16th century and 18th century. In 1773 Mary Jackson inherited the house.

On her death in 1811 she left it to Louise Powys and her husband Henry Phillip Powys of Hardwick House, Buckinghamshire. The Powys family owned Broomfield until 1902, living there until 1858 after which it was let to a series of tenants, including the barrister Sir Ralph Little. In 1901 most of the land was sold for building. In 1902 the house and 54 acres of its grounds were purchased by Southgate Urban District Council and opened to the public in 1903. The oldest part of the house is about 200 years old.

In 1925 it was made into a local museum and in 1928-32 the Council added fake timberwork. It has since been used for a variety of purposes, including a school, a health centre, a family restaurant and an arts space, but it was badly damaged by a number of fires in 1984, again in 1993 and then 1994, which damaged a staircase and a series of early C18 murals by Gerald Lanscroon. Arthur Mee described the park as 'one of the most charming and varied in all the London area'. The entrance gates on Alderman's Hill were opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the year of her coronation, commemorating 50 years of the acquisition of the park.

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