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Borough: Enfield
Christchurch Cockfosters Churchyard
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Christchurch Cockfosters  
Christchurch Cockfosters was built in 1837-39 when it became a separate parish, and was paid for by Robert Bevan of nearby Trent Park, a partner in Barclays Bank. The Bevan family monument can still be found in the churchyard. The church is of stock brick, with a thin tower capped with a spire.

The village of Cock Fosters effectively developed as an estate village for Trent Park and Beech Hill Park, and in the 1860s consisted of little more than a collection of cottages north of the main gate to Trent Park on Cockfosters Road, with some larger houses and a pub in Chalk Lane. The 1930s saw the arrival of the Piccadilly Line and substantial housing development at Cockfosters, which by 1939 was firmly part of London's suburbs as far as the station at least. The small churchyard to the north of the church has gravestones and some fine monuments among grass. There are a number of interesting 19th century monuments near the church, including the large Bevan family tomb.

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