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Borough: Enfield
Myddelton House Gardens
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Myddleton House Gardens  
Myddelton House was built in 1818 for Henry Carrington Bowles, the last Governor of the New River Company, replacing an earlier Elizabethan house. It was named after Sir Hugh Myddelton - a goldsmith by trade.As a member of the House of Commons Committee looking at the problem of water shortage in London, Myddelton offered to undertake a scheme to bring water 38 miles from Amwell Springs in Hertfordshire through Enfield to Islington. Work began on the New River in 1609 with financial backing from James I, and was completed in 1613. Despite falling into the water during an inspection of the work, the king knighted Myddelton in 1622.

Myddelton House stayed in the Bowles family until in 1852 it was inherited through the female line by Henry Carrington Treacher. However, his inheritance was only on the condition that he change his surname to Bowles, thus becoming Henry Carrington Bowles. His son was largely responsible for creating the magnificent gardens. His grandson inherited the property in 1918 on the death of his father He was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society Council and has been described as 'the greatest amateur gardener of this country, and the most distinguished botanist and horticulturist serving the Royal Horticultural Society'. He kept Myddelton House much as it was left to him by his parents, installing no electricity or telephone, although he did have gas installed in the kitchen.The gardens were then managed under the guidance of a Gardens Advisory Committee chaired by garden writer Frances Perry.

In 1968 the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority purchased the house and gardens and use Myddelton House as their headquarters. .A new conservatory was installed in the 1990s, purchased from the Glasgow Garden Festival.

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