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Borough: Enfield
Town Park
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Town Park  
Town Park is a surviving fragment of the Old Park estate which dates back to pre-Elizabethan times.. The connection with royalty and nearness to London contributed to many rich people moving to Enfield from the 17th century onwards. They built fine houses such as Chase Side House, a 'handsome villa' owned by William Everett. Town Park was created on 23 acres of the former Chase Side House estate and was opened in 1902. The bathing lake was opened in 1905.

Along the southern boundary of the park runs part of the New River Loop. It was engineered by Sir Hugh Myddelton, a goldsmith by trade who, as a member of the House of Commons Committee considering water shortage in London, offered to undertake a scheme to bring water 38 miles from Amwell Springs in Hertfordshire through Enfield to Islington. Work began in 1609 with financial backing from James I, and was completed in 1613.

In 1859 the portion of the Loop around Enfield village was straightened and in 1890 was piped underground thereby making this stretch redundant. It was saved from being infilled by a public campaign which wanted to preserve it for its ornamental value. With the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of 1.8milliion in 1997, the New River Loop Restoration Project has restored the historic watercourse, listed bridges and railings, and regenerated the timber banks of the New River, including the stretch in Town Park.The main entrance gates at Cecil Road near Library Green and those at Essex Road are cast-iron with black/gold railings.

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