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Borough: Enfield
Whitewebbs Park and Golf Course
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Whitewebbs Park  
Whitewebbs Park, containing a public golf course and areas of woodland, is made up from former parkland laid out after the 1803 enclosure of the former Enfield parish common land which had been created after Enfield Chase was divided up in 1777.

Agnes and Stephen Wilford lived at Whitewebbs in 1543, and in 1570 a mansion of that name was owned by Dr Robert Huicke, physician to Henry VIII. The house was reputed to have been one of the meeting places of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators. The old house was demolished in 1790.The present house was built in 1791 by Dr Abraham Wilkinson, a notable agricultural improver.

At one time the New River, constructed in the early 17th century by Sir Hugh Myddelton, ran through Whitewebbs estate and was carried over Cuffley Brook in a cast iron aqueduct built in 1820. However, the loop through Whitewebbs was abandoned in 1859 when work was carried out to straighten the New River. When the Whitewebbs loop of the New River became redundant it was turned into an ornamental lake.

The park today contains the Pumping Station which was built in 1898 to feed a loop of the New River, and which is now a Transport Museum. In 1931 the estate was bought from Sir Duncan Orr-Lewis by Enfield Urban District Council and Middlesex County Council and made into the public golf course, which retains much of the parkland character.

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