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Borough: Greenwich
Bostall Heath and Bostall Woods
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Bostall Heath  
Bostall Heath, the name meaning 'woody heath' in Anglo-Saxon, was formerly one of the wastes of the Manor of Plumstead In 1866 the heath was enclosed by the Lords of the Manor but this was later revoked as illegal. In 1878 Bostall Heath was purchased for 5,500 from Queen's College, Oxford which was at that time Lord of the Manor, by the Metropolitan Board of Works for public use. Bostall Heath is a large open expanse of grass with areas of woodland..

Adjoining Bostall Heath is Bostall Woods, ancient woodland formerly called Old Park Wood; the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin was reported to have hidden in Bostall Woods to escape the King's troops. A pub on Wickham Street, named 'Fanny on the Hill' is so-called after a local barmaid who reputedly shone a lamp to alert Turpin when the coast was clear. Dick Turpin's Cave within the woods was probably a 19th century tunnel rather than a hide-out for the highwayman. The wood was bought for public use by the London County Council in 1891.

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