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Borough: Greenwich
Charlton Cemetery
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Charlton Cemetery  
The cemetery was founded in 1855 as a "Gentleman's Cemetery" by Charlton Burial Board on land which was originally part of the estate of Sir Thomas Wilson. It was later expanded in the 20th century. The layout is much the same today as the Victorian layout shown in a drawing in Illustrated London News in 1857. It has a pair of 19th century chapels; the Church of England chapel is Early English style; the Roman Catholic Chapel is in Decorated style. The cemetery has original stone-capped walls topped with railings and a tile-hung lodge although the original lodge was knocked down.

Among the memorials are numerous monuments to the army and navy and personnel connected with the Royal Artillery at Woolwich, including Admiral Sir Watkin Pell (d.1869) who served with Lord Nelson; Admiral George Perceval, 6th Earl of Egmont (d.1874) a midshipman at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805; and Sir William Dalyell (d.1865) who fought in the Napoleonic wars; and Governors of Malta, Bermuda, Gibraltar, and the commander in Chief of India.. Also buried here is Sir Geoffrey Callender (d.1945), the first Director of the National Maritime Museum, and Sir John Maryon-Wilson (1802-1876), Lord of the Manor of Hampstead who helped to preserve Hampstead Heath, and whose family owned the land that is now Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks. An urn on a large plinth commemorates the death of 52 men and boys who died of yellow fever on board the HMS Firebrand in July 1861. The memorial of Thomas Murphy (d.1932), the owner of Charlton greyhound track, has a pair of greyhounds at the foot of Corinthian columns.

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