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Borough: Greenwich
Charlton Park and Charlton House Grounds
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Charlton Park and Charlton House Grounds  
Excavations have revealed that there was a settlement in Charlton during Roman times, where Maryon Wilson Park is now. Charlton was known as Cerletone at the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086. Charlton still has a parish church of St Luke's, and a manor house, Charlton House, which still survives with remnants of its formal gardens. Before the dissolution of the monasteries the manor was owned by Bermondsey Abbey but was then sold off. It was purchased in the early C17th by Sir Adam Newton, tutor to Henry, Prince of Wales, son of James I.

Newton built a new mansion on the site of an older building in c1607-12, and Charlton House has been described as "the only Jacobean mansion of the first order remaining in ...London". Some of the original parkland remains as Charlton Park After Newton's death in 1630 the estate passed to his son and later owners included Sir William Ducie who repaired the house in 1659; Sir William Langthorne, an East India merchant, lived there from 1680. A map of 1745 shows the property's landscape with three avenues laid out from west to east in the park.

In 1767 the Maryon Wilson family acquired the property, and remained owners until 1925. Charlton House was then given to Greenwich Borough Council by the Maryon Wilson family; since 1926 the house has been used as a library (closed in 1991) and a community centre, and the stables an area housing office. The north wing of the house was destroyed during World War II and has been rebuilt. A fair is held in the grounds of Charlton House, a revival of Hornfair, at one time held on the village green..

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