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Borough: Greenwich
Maryon Park and Gilbert's Pit
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Maryon Park  
The land was given to the London County Council by Sir Spencer Maryon-Wilson, Lord of the Manor of Charlton House, on 25 October 1890.

The site was used for sand quarrying early from early in the 18th century until 1870. The park was opened in 1891. There are lots of mature trees, survivors of ancient woodland known as Hanging Wood.

In 1915, a large hill fort was excavated here. Pottery dating from 1st to 5th centuries was found. All that is left of the fort is the ridge at the top of the hill, the rest of the archaeological site was destroyed by the quarrying.

Next to the park is Gilbert's Pit - an old sand and chalk quarry, a Site of Special Scientific Interest notable for its interesting rock formations. Maryon Park was the set for the 1966 film, 'Blow Up' by Italian director Antonioni.

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