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Borough: Greenwich
Plumstead Cemetery
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Plumstead Cemetery  
Plumstead Cemetery was laid out by Woolwich Burial Board in 1890 on a prominent hillside which used to belong to Old Park Farm in 1845. The cemetery backs onto Bostall Wood The cemetery has a dramatic gateway with lodges at the entrance and a driveway leads up the hill to the chapels sited on the top of the hill.

Among those buried are graves of those killed at work in Woolwich Arsenal , including a pink granite obelisk north of the chapels erected to the memory of those who died in two incidents in 1903 when 11 men died in Guncotton and Lyddite explosions. Also buried there are Albert Gorman (d.1959), Mayor of Woolwich in 1940/41 and Chairman of the Metropolitan Water Board; Col Sir Edwin Hughes (d.1904) the first Mayor of Woolwich in 1900/01 and Gunner Alfred Smith who received the Victoria Cross medal for saving Lieutenantt D J Guthrie when the Camel Corps was on its way to relieve General Gordon under siege at Khartoum.

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