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Borough: Greenwich
Rockcliffe Gardens
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Rockcliffe Gardens  
Rockcliffe Gardens stands on the site of a former brick works, and was opened in early summer 1937 by the Mayor of Woolwich, Miss M Crout. In the 1840s the land was a farm called Tidneys Field. By 1869 brick works had been established on the north end of Tidneys and the field was dug out and used as a claypit. The brick works appear to have closed by the end of the 19th century .

During World War I allotments were laid out at the south end of the site. Otherwise the field was used as a rubbish tip until the land was purchased by Woolwich Borough Council in January 1935. They realised the clay digging had formed a succession of interesting shapes on the ground, which would make a good garden.

The landscaping and layout was by Mr Tee, the Borough Engineer. This area of Plumstead is undermined by chalk workings, which have made big holes deep in the ground. Many parts of Rockcliffe Gardens were in a landslide on 8 September 1937, affecting the children's play area at the northern boundary. The realisation that houses had been built on such dangerous ground made many people angry in the 1930s and 1940s.

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