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Borough: Greenwich
St Nicholas's Gardens and Churchyard, Plumstead
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
St Nicholas's Churchyard, Plumstead  
St Nicholas was a medieval church, much added to and restored. By 1662 it had been in a bad state of repair for 20 years and was rescued from ruin by a wealthy local farmer, John Gossage, who built the tower built in 1664.

By the beginning of the 19th century it was again ruined, roofless and with trees growing from the aisles. It was later restored in 1867 by Charles Cooke and then enlarged in 1907. Damaged in World War II it was repaired in 1959. Plumstead had been a good area for fruit growing, the name coming from 'plume stede', plum tree place. It then grew into a fishing village and later workers from the nearby Arsenal made up a large proportion of the growing population in the 19th century. The main area of former churchyard is adjacent to the south, now laid out as public gardens, St Nicholas Gardens.

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