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Borough: Newham
Central Park
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Central Park  
The park was formed from the grounds of the early 18th century Rancliffe House. They were bought by East Ham Urban District Council in 1896 in order to create a park in the centre of the growing town of East Ham. The park's well-attended opening ceremony took place on 5 July 1898. Rancliffe House originally stood within the boundaries of the park but was demolished in 1908.

In 1901 a public swimming pool was situated near the house, and a number of ponds are shown near the western boundary, no longer there although the children's paddling pond is in this area. By 1920 the war memorial to the 1600+ residents of East Ham killed in World War I had been erected, surrounded by a garden, in the south eastern corner where a new park entrance was created. In 1920 the swimming pool is still shown on maps, but this is now the site of tennis courts, and a bowling green was also provided near the original site of the house. The area was badly bombed during World War II but many of the mature trees and the park's layout largely remains. Four large stone urns, which date from c.1929 and were originally in the London Co-operative Building in East Ham which was demolished in 1989, have been re-sited in the formal gardens at corners of the paths which surround the ornamental pond and fountain, near which is also a marker to East Ham Manor Hall.

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