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Borough: Newham
Thames Barrier Park
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Thames Barrier Park  
Thames Barrier Park, so-named because it is near to the Thames Barrier, has been formed on a patch of derelict land previously in industrial use since the late 1860s. Planning for a park here began in the 1980s under the Greater London Council, and it has now been created with the help of the London Docklands Development Corporation and English Partnerships. It represents the first new public park along the Thames riverfront for nearly 50 years and was designed by the French landscape architect Alain Provost who was responsible for the Parc André Citroën on the River Seine in Paris. Due to its industrial past the land was badly contaminated and the initial land treatment works cost £8.5million. The first tree in the new park was planted in January 1998 by the Lord Mayor of London, and it was opened to the public in 2000. The layout includes a Fountain Plaza (not yet completed), sculptural hedges and tree planting, grassed areas with gravel walks, a 'rainbow garden' created by bands of planting within the sunken Green Dock which is accessible as well as being overlooked by bridges, an event area, playground, café and riverside promenade. The high, timber-decked 'pavilion' at the end of the Green Dock on the river walkway has a series of wave-like curved benches, one of which has an inscription dedicating the pavilion to Newham's victims of war.
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