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Borough: Newham
West Ham Jewish Cemetery
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
West Ham Jewish Cemetery  
In 1857, with its Brady Street Cemetery full to overflowing, the congregation of the New Synagogue joined with that of the Great Synagogue, becoming the United Synagogue, to buy land for a new cemetery. A plot of 5 acres was purchased from the Quaker banker and local landowner Samuel Gurney who had previously sold land adjacent to this to the West Ham Burial Board for its new West Ham Cemetery. The cemetery was later extended to its present size and is laid out simply, with tombs set in gravel, straight paths and little vegetation. The original prayer hall was demolished and a new one was built in 1874.

The most prominent monument in the burial ground is the magnificent circular mausoleum designed by Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt for Evelina de Rothschild who died in childbirth in 1866. Sir Matthew, the architect of the India Office in Whitehall, was commissioned by her husband, Ferdinand de Rothschild, who was later himself buried here in 1898. Others buried here include David Salomons (d.1873) and Sir Benjamin Phillips (d.1889), both of whom had held the office of Lord Mayor of London, Salomons being the first Jewish Lord Mayor and also Liberal MP for Greenwich. Also here is James Samuel (d.1866), founder of the firm of monumental masons, J Samuel and Son, responsible for many fine monuments in Jewish cemeteries across London.

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