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Borough: Wandsworth
Alton Estate (Alton East and Alton West)
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Alton Estate (Alton East and Alton West)  
Alton Estate was built by the London County Council in the 1950s over an important high lying site which had a number of major 18th century houses and their gardens. These included Downshire House, built in 1775, and Manresa House, built in 1776. The LCC initially acquired 130 acres of land here, later adding more, at that time undeveloped. The Alton Estate aimed to accommodate 9,500 people and provide schools, community buildings, shops; public open space as well as private gardens was included within the overall design with mature trees from the earlier landscaping retained. The estate was developed by two teams of architects. Alton West preserved as many of the original trees as possible and from here are excellent views of Richmond Park. This area is a unique example of historic layering of the 1950s landscape over the pre-existing 18th century landscape.
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