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Borough: Wandsworth
Latchmere Recreation Ground
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Latchmere Recreation Ground  
The Latchmere Estate was built on part of Latchmere Common, which was gradually covered over the years by houses until all that remained of open space was an area of allotments. Building over this was resisted until the early 20th century when, following efforts by John Burns MP,an Act of Parliament was passed which allowed housing only on condition that part was laid out as a recreation ground. Burns opened the first area of the Latchmere Estate in 1903 and one of the key roads of the estate is named after him; it was the first municipal housing project in the country built using a council's workforce The recreation ground was the estate's focal point and opened to the public in 1906, having been laid out for 4,475, the responsibility of Battersea Borough Council. Latchmere Estate's design was influenced by Garden City principles of town planning and remains a small scale oasis in the centre of the surrounding high-rise developments.
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