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St Mary the Virgin Churchyard
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
St Mary the Virgin Churchyard  
A church has been on the site since at least the 13th century. The old parish of Putney extended from the Thames to Tibbet's Corner on Putney Heath in the south, with Beverley Brook to the west and Deodar Road its eastern boundary.

As the population of the area grew, separate parishes were created at Roehampton in 1845 and Putney Park in 1923. Parts of the medieval church survive , including the West Chapel . This has the coat of arms of Bishop Nicholas West (1461-1533), who became Bishop of Ely in 1515 and was an advisor of Henry VIII, who was born in Putney and was a protégé of Sir Thomas More. During the Civil War Cromwell's army was located at Putney for a time and in 1647 the Army Council held meetings in the then Chancel of St Mary's, their discussions on the future government of the country published as the Putney Debates. Samuel Pepys refers to a visit to St Mary's in 1667, and in Charles Dickens' 'David Copperfield', Dora Spenlow marries here.

The church was rebuilt in 1836 by Edward Lapidge, but it was gutted by fire in 1973 after which it was substantially rebuilt and reordered by Ronald Sims; the church was re-hallowed by the Bishop of Woolwich in February 1982. Six bells were installed in the tower between 1582 and 1674, recast in 1836 when two more were added, these later recast in 1972 and again in the 1980s following the fire. The churchyard is smaller than it once was. Part had been taken when the approach to the first, wooden, Putney Bridge was built in 1729, and a larger portion was lost when the stone bridge, built in 1886, was widened and extended east in 1931-33. In the churchyard the tombstones have been moved and piled in one corner apart from one railed chest tomb by Putney Bridge boundary; there is a war memorial and the railings date from the mid 19th century.

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