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Borough: Wandsworth
St Mary's Cemetery
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
St Mary's Cemetery  
This L-shaped cemetery is laid out in a grid pattern, and was set up by the St Mary's Burial Board in 1860 in an area at the corner of Battersea Rise and a lane then called The Five Houses Lane. Some building on Battersea Rise had taken place by the early 1870s and by the end of the 19th century the whole area to the east of the Common had been developed. The cemetery still has its original cast iron entrance gates and brick gate piers, the gates decorated with religious motifs.

A number of tombs carry inscriptions relating to railway deaths at Clapham Junction. Among those buried here were John Burns (d.1943), Liberal politician and MP for Battersea from 1892-1914 who was responsible, among other works, for the building of the Latchmere Estate where a road is named after him; Henry Meyer (d.1865) the ornithologist who published 'Illustrations of British Birds' in 1835-43; Sir William Rose who was MP for Southampton in 1862-5 and Lord Mayor of London from 1862-63; William Bishop (d.1961) who established the Wellcome Historical Medical Library in 1949 and published works on medical history such as a Dictionary of Medical Biography; and Kaikhoshru Puntheki, a Parsee lawyer from Bombay who has a large urn on his tomb.

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