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Activity Topic 1: Through the years
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A close look through time

Look carefully at the details taken from the large picture, then type in the answers to the questions below in the space provided.

Image 1, 18K
Detail 1
Do you think this building is being built, or knocked down? Why do you think this?
Image 2, 31K
Detail 2
Who do you think might be in the boat?
Image 3, 35K
Detail 3
Why do you think these boys are not in the boat too?
Image 4, 24K
Detail 4
Who do you think these people are? What are they doing?
Image 5, 18K
Detail 5
One of the people show here has an umbrella, but you can see from the other pictures that it's not raining. Why do you think she might need the umbrella?
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