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All Saints' Churchyard
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Activity All Saints' Churchyard, Wandsworth
Grave decisions

Many parks and open spaces have been created as the result of churchyards, cemeteries and gardens of remembrance.

In some cases, gravestones and markers have been cleared away to make a more open and useful environment.


Compare the photographs below of All Saints' Churchyard in 1938, before the tombstones were removed, and the same space today.

All Saints Churchyard in 1938, 25k
All Saints Churchyard in 1938
All Saints Churchyard today, 37k
All Saints Churchyard today
Do you think that removing the gravestones is a good idea? What are the positive and negative aspects of doing this?

Decide whether you think gravestones should be kept or removed

You may like to form two teams and have a debate, with one side giving the argument for keeping the gravestones and one for removing them.

Arguments for keeping them might include:

  • Showing respect for previous generations who have died.
  • Keeping a valuable source of historical information, with names and dates of people who lived in the area.
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife and plants.

Arguments for removing them might include:

  • Making a better open space for people to walk, exercise and play.
  • Making room for benches, playground equipment and park furniture.
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife and plants.

Click here to download a writing frame to list your arguments for and against.


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