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Activity Battersea Park, Wandsworth
Fair points

Many parks have fairs, circuses and travelling shows which visit them on a regular basis. From 1951 to 1974, Battersea Park was home to a huge funfair and exhibition celebrating the 'Festival of Britain'.

In the photograph below you can see an aerial photograph of the Battersea Park Exhibition in 1953.


Click on the hidden 'hotspot' areas of the map to see details from the aerial photograph. See if you can identify what all the different types of rides and stalls may have been!


Aerial Map of Battersea Park in 1953, 25k Click here to see detail 1,  38K Click here to see detail 2, 43K Click here to see detail 3, 34K Click here to see detail 4, 33K Click here to see detail 5, 32K Click here to see detail 6, 34K

  Battersea Park, 1953
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Detail 1 (38K) Detail 4 (33K)
Detail 2 (43K)   Detail 5 (32K)
Detail 3 (34K)   Detail 6 (34K)

Write a postcard

Imagine you have been taken to visit the fair on Battersea Common for the day. Write a postcard home describing what you did and what you saw.

Click here to see the postcard and do the writing exercise!



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