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Activity Christchurch Gardens, Wandsworth
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Opening ceremonies for parks and open spaces were very popular in the last 150 years, when many new green spaces were created. The pictures and newspaper report below are from the opening of Christchurch Gardens in 1885 by the Countess Cadogan.



THE garden of Christ Church, Battersea, was opened on Friday last, as a recreation ground for the people, by the Countess Cadogan. A large number of persons assembled to witness the ceremony. Lord Brabazon, chairman of the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, explained the object of the meeting, and called attention to the necessity of these "out-door drawing rooms" as places for preserving the health of the people. His lordship pointed out that the population was increasing at the rate of 300,000 per annum, and that the greater proportion of the increase was in London. The Rev. H. G. Sprigg, vicar of Christ Church, said that a few months ago the ground was a mere waste, and a disgrace to the parish. Our sketches include portraits of the speakers, and the presentation to the Countess Cadogan of a basket of flowers by Miss Enid Sprigg.

June 6, 1885

Countess Cadogan opening Christchurch Gardens, 30kb

Who would you invite?

Imagine that there is going to be an Opening Ceremony for a local park, or for a school event. Who would you invite to open the event, and why?

Write a speech for your chosen celebrity to read at the ceremony.


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