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Activity Coronation Gardens, Wandsworth
Rich Gifts

When Coronation Gardens was first opened in 1903, the sisters of the Mayor at the time paid for a fountain to be installed in the park for people to use.

If you visit Coronation Gardens or other local parks, you may well find other items which have been donated to the park by generous individuals, sometimes in memory of people who have died.

Common gifts include park benches and seats, playground equipment and flower beds.

What other donated features can you find in your local park?


Drinking Fountain donated by sisters of the Mayor, 1903,17kb
Drinking fountain

What would you choose?

Imagine that a generous and rich local resident has offered to buy an object to place in your local park. What would you choose? A statue? A sculpture? Playground equipment? A skateborad ramp?

Write below what you would choose, and why:



Write a letter

Write a letter to the local resident who donated the gift, thanking them for their generosity and saying how the gift will be used and enjoyed by local people.


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