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Activity Topic 2: People's parks
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Grave questions

What does the position of a graveyard or cemetery in the landscape tell us about the history of the community?

In this activity you will use an online map to answer the following questions - click on the link under Parky on the left to see the map.

Use the tools on the Multimap screen, such as scale and left and right, to look around the area surrounding the cemetery.

Lavender Hill Cemetry, 14K
Lavender Hill Cemetry, Enfield
Use this Multimap link to view a map showing a graveyard and then try to answer the questions below:
Are the graves near a religious building?
What does this tell you about the people buried there?
Are there any other significant buildings near the cemetry? Could they explain the location of the graves?
Are the graves near a town or village centre?
What could this tell you about where people wanted to bury their relatives?
Are there any main roads near the graveyard or cemetery?
Why do you think this is important?
What is the name of the graveyard or cemetery?
What does this tell you about its origin?
Is the area used for graves large or small?
What does this tell you about the size of the local community?
Now look at the area on the map further away from the cemetery or graveyard.

Use Multimap to explore the surrounding area online
Where is the nearest cemetery or graveyard to this one?

How many are there in a ten-mile radius?

To find out more about the history of the cemetery used in this exercise see Lavender Hill Cemetery, Enfield.

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