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Work, Rest & Play
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Activity Topic 5: Work, Rest and Play
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Games and hobbies

Look at the old photographs. They show some park play areas which were designed especially for children.

Do they look inviting? Would you like to play on them?

Play area 1, 11K

Play area 2, 10K

See full image (39K)
See full image (32K)
Play area 3, 9K
See full image (36K)

Design your park of the future.

1. Design and draw your ideal park of the future. Use your imagination to create the best park you can.

2. Next to your drawing make a list of all the important features with the most important being number one.

3. Once you have finished compare your ideal park with your partner’s.



Do your parks have anything in common? Make a list of things you both want.

Is there anything your partner wants which you really wouldn’t want in your park?

Design the ideal park

Trees, 12K1. Now design a park with your partner which includes all of the most important features from both of your designs.

2. There may not be room in the park for everything you both want. Think about what you really would like and which features you would be willing to give up.



Find out more about playgrounds, visit the following activities:

Canning Town: Playground equipment

Maryon Park: Children playing
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